Off Grid. Reliable. Renewable Energy.


- Malina Solar structures -

Galvanized helical ground screws eliminate the need for concrete.  Malina's ground mount structures feature the same strength as concrete or pounded pile systems, but without the mess or the expense of heavy equipment operation.  American Energy is the only Factory Authorized installer of Malina structures in southern Minnesota.


- Solar Edge - 

Solar Edge manufactures a full line of inverters and optimizers, and designs software to easily pair with battery backup controllers.  This means we are able to build any system for any purpose, and can rely on excellent dependability and monitoring capabilities.


- Solar World - 

Strong, durable, and highly efficient.  We prefer to install Solar Edge modules over the competition.  Built with strong but light borders, and featuring a flexible module cover, these solar modules will withstand anything from desert heat to cold northern hale storms.  One of the stress tests for these modules involves driving an automobile over the face of the module to ensure structural integrity...