Return On Investments


American Energy designs your system for two purposes: Minimum payback time and maximum production. Overclocking your inverters allows us to achieve both of those ends.

We use solar inverters that are designed to allow maximum overclocking on the DC side of production. This means that we can fit more modules onto your array than other inverters are capable of handling. While some energy is lost during peak hours, the additional energy produced during morning ramp up and evening fall off maximizes the total energy your system produces.


Early Ramp up

More modules collecting energy earlier in the day means that your inverter is reaching it’s peak generation much earlier in the day. This yields the greatest possible energy collection without going over your power company’s set limit for production.


Peak energy clipped

Because of the specified limits set by your power company the inverter will reach it’s maximum potential production during peak sunlight exposure. Our inverters allow us to dissipate this energy without damaging any components.


Later ramp down

Just as morning light collection is increased - evening light is collected at a higher rate as well. This increase, day after day, allows for maximum possible energy collection. This further lowers the payback time.

The right array pays for itself in 5-8 years, and continues earning for 25 more.

With current federal, state and county incentive programs we are able to create systems that pay for themselves within the first 5-7 years and will continue producing energy for 25 more.